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22 06, 2017

Nothing puts Life into Perspective quite like Death

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This year has been very difficult for Cory and I as well as for our immediate and extended family due to numerous health issues and the topic of discussion today. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to speak rather candidly in this post. As many of you know, Cory lost his grandmother [...]

12 01, 2017

You ARE the MOVE of God

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Today, as I was listening to a CD album in my vehicle on my drive to work, I heard the phrase, "We're not waiting for the move of God. We ARE the move of God."  I've heard this phrase thousands of times before; however, it hit me a little bit differently today. Cory and [...]

14 03, 2016

What will you do with the football?

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Early in my recovery, I remember my husband saying I reminded him of Lucy, the character in the Peanuts comic strip.  As he referred to himself as Charlie Brown, every time he tried to make an effort to move forward in recovery, I would pull the football out from under him, as he tried [...]

8 02, 2016

Are We Living in the Last Days?

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In the past year, I have become more and more aware of the end times Bible prophecy, and I’ve read many claims and watched many videos that assure us we are living in the last days. Regardless if you believe this appeal or not, I would like you to consider how you would live [...]

4 02, 2016

Words Can Bring Life or Death

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As a young teenager, I remember my friends often saying to one another, “Hey, that’s a 429!” This referred to a Scripture passage in Ephesians 4:29. Paraphrased, it basically states you shouldn’t let any unwholesome talk proceed out of your mouth – only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs. [...]

25 11, 2015

The Physical Manifestation of Offense

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Obstacles to Intimacy Series ~Exploring God’s Gift of Intimacy~   In the Obstacles to Intimacy Series, we discussed Obstacle #1: Sex Addiction,  Tips & Tools to Overcome Obstacle #1, Obstacle #2: Intimacy Anorexia, How We Become Intimacy Anorexics, Reactive Intimacy Anorexia, The Anorexia Cycle, Tips & Tools to Overcome Obstacle #2, Obstacle #3: The [...]