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12 10, 2017

Sex, Hugh Hefner and XXX

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  As the news of the passing of the late Hugh Hefner was released, some have been saddened and others have celebrated. There have been many blogs and articles written but few from the perspective I want to share. Over the past 10 years as a sexual recovery therapist and as a recovering sex [...]

5 10, 2017

The Blessing & Burden of Sobriety Dates

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Over the years, I have sat in tens of thousands of hours of support group meetings as a leader and a participant. Some of these are 12-Step meetings and others have been psycho educational and processing groups. Many have a check in format of sharing your recovery date and then your sobriety date which [...]

9 02, 2017

Epidemic: Teens Addicted to Porn

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Pornography is no respecter of persons.  The viewing of pornography, nudity, or sexual acts is highly addictive to the brain.  It does not matter if you are male, female, transgender [Read the Rise of Transhumanism blog], young or old.  It will begin to consume you, as you consume it little by little, and then [...]

2 02, 2017

Does Sex Addiction ÷ Infidelity = Divorce?

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As the month of January comes to a close, I have learned January is the month of the year with the highest filings for divorce.  Apparently, this is the time of year couples are not marching to church but to the courthouse or attorney’s office.  They have made it through “the most wonderful time [...]

19 01, 2017

Substance Abuse Addiction or Love & Sex Addiction, which came First?

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There are many types and classifications of abused drugs, and new ones are surfacing regularly from nightclubs.  Drugs, much like alcohol, cocaine, hallucinogens, inhalants, marijuana, methamphetamines, opioids, prescription drugs, steroids, or synthetics as well as tobacco, caffeine and even sugar are used to escape or alter one’s mood or state of mind.  For decades, [...]

5 01, 2017

Recovering from the Holiday Hangover

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I do not know about you; but for me, there is something to be said about getting back into a routine after the holidays.  This is not only for my own recovery but also for my clients who are in recovery.  As much as I look forward to the end of the year and [...]