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Why Stay Married When You Can Get Divorced?

Why Get Divorced… When You Can Stay Married? We will always justify the choices we make. We justify the items we purchase, the foods we eat, the career we choose, the cars we drive [...]

Rape Culture: Hollywood Pedophiles and Political Sex Offenders

[We interrupt your regularly scheduled… program].Daily for the last few months, victims of sexual abuse have been coming out making public statements and filing legal actions against their abusers.Some claims from 30 years ago when [...]

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When Your Reality…is an Illusion

We experience life through our senses of taste, touch, smell, sound, sight and even intuition. The experiences we have in life through these senses give us personal perspective [Read The Power of Perspective blog]. [...]

Is Personal Responsibility & Repentance Lost?

This year I have observed a startling trend that individuals and couples refuse, “can’t” or more accurately do not want to take ANY responsibility for their poor choices and behaviors that have hurt those [...]

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The Cost of Being Offended

Our nation has an addiction ‑ a hidden addiction ‑ a socially accepted addiction. In my opinion, this addiction is the foundation of all addictions and compulsive behaviors. This is the addiction to being [...]

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The Power of Forgiveness

I have observed that many, if not most, people really do not understand what forgiveness means or how to sustain and maintain it.  Furthermore, people who have grown up in religious homes have the [...]

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