Are We Living in the Last Days?

Are we living in the last daysIn the past year, I have become more and more aware of the end times Bible prophecy, and I’ve read many claims and watched many videos that assure us we are living in the last days. Regardless if you believe this appeal or not, I would like you to consider how you would live differently if this were your last day, week, month or year here on earth.

As I have given this urgent message some time and nurtured the possibilities, I realize I’m not living the life I want to lead. There are things I would be more courageous or passionate to do or say if I knew my time was limited. I wonder if many of you feel the same.

These thoughts reminded me of my father, who suffered from a terminal illness. For years, he was faced with the inevitable – his death- not knowing if that day was going to be his last or not. From his first prognosis of 3 to 5 years, he lived over 15 years with his disease. Prior to his death in 2000, he was one of the longest living Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) patients. God was good and answered our prayers in unbelievable ways. However, I will never forget the day I walked into his ICU room in Portland, Oregon. Even though he was highly medicated with morphine, his gasp was something that made the reality of death hit harder than ever – for him and for me.

I believe at that critical point he knew his time on earth was severely limited, thus his frantic reaction to my husband, I and newborn daughter arriving in Oregon in his hospital room. For most, this would be common for a child to visit a parent in their hospital room; however, we lived in hospital rooms throughout my childhood. He was on an experimental drug and being monitored in Oregon, though he lived in the Midwest. He knew it was highly unlikely that I would arrive to stop by and say hello. Something was seriously wrong.

I’ve noticed that same feeling rising up in me – something is seriously wrong again! It’s something I can no longer contain and just hope someone else will talk about. We have removed God from every aspect of our American life. Don’t think because you are a self-proclaimed believer that you are exempt from what I’m referring to. You aren’t! We all do it. We all stay silent when lives are taken unjustly, when people talk maliciously about others, when we want a promotion, etc. You all know what I’m referring to. No one is willing to take a stand for what is right and just in this world. We have allowed the enemy to make us feel as though we have no other option.

Recently, I read an article about a man who wants to make rape legal in the confinements of his own home. Why on earth would this even be considered in our society? Since when is raping anyone considered a normal or legal activity in which to participate? Every moment of every day, more and more young boys and girls are being stolen and drug into the sex trafficking environment. Who is taking a stand against these injustices? Who is taking a stand for the poor, for the faint in heart, for the widow or for the child with no place to call home?

We recently watched the movie The Blind Side with our girls. For those of you who have not seen it, the storyline is about a family who takes in a homeless teenager and not only transforms his life but theirs too in the process. He later becomes a professional NFL football player and an integral part of their family. Are any of us reaching out to those less fortunate and giving our time, talents and resources to help them?

If you knew your time was limited, would you even consider changing your life and including more acts of kindness toward others? Would you hug your children closer and more often? Would you tell your spouse how much they mean to you and how much you love them? Would you restore that wounded relationship? Would you say things you wouldn’t normally say? Would you do things you wouldn’t normally do? Would you forgive more, release offenses and humble yourself more quickly by surrendering your “rights”? How would your life change?

Heaven or HellI recently read the book Imagine Heaven by John Burke. It transformed my entire view of eternity as well as how I’m living my life here on earth. I highly recommend it if you enjoy a quick, intriguing read that will change you from the inside out.

What will remain after YOUR last day here on Earth? What will people remember most about you? How much you loved them, how much you did for them or how much they really didn’t know you at all? When you reach heaven’s gates, will you hear God say, “Well done, good and faithful servant?” Or, will God say, “I never knew you.”

Take some time to reflect on your life. Have you done things that represent good fruit and good seeds that have been sown? Or are you harvesting the bad fruit and bad seeds that you have sown? If you are currently harvesting bad fruit and seeds, how can you do something different to ensure where you are spending eternity and how you will be rewarded once you arrive at your eternal destination?

Songs to Encourage You:  Last Day Here on Earth by Steven Curtis Chapman and This is Your Life by Switchfoot

Kerry Schortzman, Director of Operations

Kerry Schortzman, Director of Operations

Kerry Schortzman is the Director of Operations at Transformed Hearts Counseling Center as well as an author and speaker. She has traveled the road of recovery alongside her husband through the wildfires of intimacy anorexia. She has a heart and passion to see healing and restoration in relationships and marriages as well as to bring public awareness to eliminate sex and human trafficking. Kerry has been married since 1998 and lives in Colorado with her husband and four daughters. She and Cory have been seen on the CBS Early Show, Inside Edition, and ABC Good Morning America, Fox 21 News, and TLC/Discovery discussing the harm of sex addiction and the joys of recovery.

Cory’s books include: Out of the Darkness, Into the Light the Workbook, Into the Light the Steps, Ashes to Beauty the Steps, 301 Dating Ideas, 301 Conversational Ideas, 301 Ways to Say I Love You, 301 Ways to Love Your Children & 301 Recovery Tools & Tips.

Kerry’s books include: Ashes to Beauty the Book and Ashes to Beauty the Workbook

Co-authored books include: 101 Blogs to Transform your Life, Volume I and Offended Deceived Addicted







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