How to Schedule a Discounted Intensive

Thank you for your interest in scheduling a discounted intensive. Please follow these instructions to schedule:

  • Click on the + sign by the Intensive Programs.
  • Select your preference:  Platinum (10-day), Gold (5-day) or Silver (3-day)
  • Select your preferred date.  (If it is a 10-day, please note it will be 2 consecutive weeks.)
  • Verify the correct timezone is selected at the bottom. (If not, click on change and select the appropriate time zone.)
  • Click on Continue.
  • Complete the requested fields.
    • In the notes field, indicate the discount amount per the email you received.
    • Review and accept the terms of service.
  • Click on Submit.
  • NOTE: The deposit, half the full amount, is due upon booking. Once you click on submit, you will be requested to pay your deposit.

Once your deposit is processed, your intensive will be confirmed by our staff and you will receive an intensive confirmation packet.  Please read this booklet in its entirety.  The automated system will also send you a calendar appointment immediately following the confirmation email.  In addition, a day or two prior to your scheduled intensive you will receive an email reminder as well.