10 11, 2014

What Sex Addiction Treatment is Missing

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The thought of statistics takes me back to graduate school over 15 years ago, and I feel that old anxiety in my stomach as I write about sex addiction today. Somehow I passed statistics even though I am not the most math-minded individual. Regardless, I do understand there is a place for statistics, so [...]

29 10, 2014

The Use of the Polygraph in Sex Addiction Recovery

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At Transformed Hearts, we believe in full disclosure, because secrets in any addiction recovery keep you sick and give the addiction power.Among my colleagues, the use of a polygraph can be a controversial topic. However, for the women who come to our office, it is very black and white and provides the truth quickly [...]

7 10, 2014

Addicted to Being Offended

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It’s Friday, and the week has been challenging for John and Rebecca.  They have worked hard all week. Addiction generally has power in our life because of secrecy and opportunity. On Monday, John was able to end his secrecy, as he was willing to take a polygraph test.  I would estimate that 95 percent [...]

1 10, 2014

Four Principles that will Save your Marriage

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It was a brisk Monday morning with fall approaching Colorado Springs. The air was fresh as sunlight peeks up from the east and dances off the eastern slope of the Colorado Rockies. On Mondays, intensive work begins at Transformed Hearts, and the office was busy with couples arriving. Many were cautiously optimistic, feeling anxiety [...]

28 09, 2014

Removing the Sexual Anorexia Virus: Treatment Options

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Much like getting a flu shot can prevent you from getting sick with the flu, there is still not a 100 percent guarantee you will not get the flu.  However, it can increase your chance of not becoming ill. Recently, I learned my computer is much the same way, as anti-virus software helps prevent [...]

21 09, 2014

What is Sexual Anorexia/Intimacy Anorexia

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A week has passed since I spoke to John’s wife, Rebecca. John and I met for our phone assessment and consultation. Over the years, I have learned to “see” with my ears.  John was initially nervous on the call and burdened with a great deal of shame. I assured him that I was not [...]