18 01, 2018

Porn Hub [Web of Destruction]

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“A little porn will not hurt me.” “Porn keeps things interesting in the bedroom.” “My partner doesn’t care if I look at porn.” “Everybody does it.” “Porn is natural. It’s an artistic expression.” “What is the big deal?” “I could stop if I wanted too.” These excuses are all too common. For many of [...]

29 11, 2017

Rape Culture: Hollywood Pedophiles and Political Sex Offenders

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[We interrupt your regularly scheduled… program]. Daily for the last few months, victims of sexual abuse have been coming out making public statements and filing legal actions against their abusers. Some claims from 30 years ago when they were abused as children or as teenagers. Recent news has revealed what many have conspired, witnessed, or [...]

22 05, 2015

The Nonfiction of Sex Trafficking

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Over 6 years ago, my wife returned from a local event with excitement in her voice. Her first words as she entered the door were, “Honey, come to the bedroom. I want to show you what I just bought!” These are words every husband longs to hear, yet he also dreads hearing as he [...]