Seek the truth for yourself. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

This blog has taken me a great amount to research, contemplation, and time.

For this to make sense and to get my point across successfully, we first must understand some law history.  This is going to be a very basic understanding, as I am still trying to comprehend it all myself.

To understand this information, we first need to understand how our legal, civil, corporate, governmental, monetary, social and even religious systems are all connected.

First, there is what is known as Common Law, or Law of the Land/Natural Law, as compared to Maritime Law or Admiralty Law.

Natural or Common Law gave natural sovereignty and freedom to each man, woman and child. Each country with its land can have different laws.

Maritime Law is also known as the law of the sea or the law of water. This includes oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Maritime time law is for water, sea, ocean, lakes. It is not for land or to be applied on the land in the way that it has been.

The Latin word for water is mare, mar, or mer. This is the