Seek the truth for yourself. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

This blog has taken me a great amount to research, contemplation, and time.

For this to make sense and to get my point across successfully, we first must understand some law history.  This is going to be a very basic understanding, as I am still trying to comprehend it all myself.

To understand this information, we first need to understand how our legal, civil, corporate, governmental, monetary, social and even religious systems are all connected.

First, there is what is known as Common Law, or Law of the Land/Natural Law, as compared to Maritime Law or Admiralty Law.

Natural or Common Law gave natural sovereignty and freedom to each man, woman and child. Each country with its land can have different laws.

Maritime Law is also known as the law of the sea or the law of water. This includes oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Maritime time law is for water, sea, ocean, lakes. It is not for land or to be applied on the land in the way that it has been.

The Latin word for water is mare, mar, or mer. This is the root word for mermaid as well as merchant.

Contract Law, Tort Law, Civil Law, Criminal, and others which we will not cover, are generally practiced by both Common and Maritime Law.

After further research, you begin to see that Maritime Law, the law of water is all about money and commerce.

We use these phrases all the time, such as:

  • “I am underwater.”
  • “I am above water.”
  • “I am treading water.”
  • “I have good cash flow currently.”

Water is moved by a current, currency, or current-sea.

The river current is held in place and is directed by its banks.

Corporations are all in the business of exchanging goods and services which can only be possible with currency between banks.

Are you beginning to understand this?

Furthermore, Maritime Law also directs the commerce or flow of shipping and trading all over the world.

Exchanging Debt of Shame with Currency of ForgivenessA ship is always referred to as a female.  She docks at a port and sits in

her berth or birth in the water.

Every item or commodity that comes off the ship is given a certificate of berth, as it is a new arrival. A certificate death is also given and signed if the product is broken or unusable.

The captain is the authority, or judge, and has jurisdiction of that ship.  The captain and the crew may be given liberty to step off the ship onto the foreign land for a period of time.

Think of all the words with ship in them:  authorship, apprenticeship, citizenship, membership, championship, craftsmanship, partnership, relationship, shipment, spaceship, warship, worship, etc.

I would simply define a ship as a large water-going vessel used to transport commodities.

Now, almost everything here in the United States operates under Maritime Law.

All these entities are dictated by Maritime Law:Exchanging Debt of Shame with Currency of Forgiveness

  • Banking System
  • Federal Reserve
  • Government
  • BAR Association
  • Social System

(Note: American Lawyers must pass the BAR Exam. BAR stands for British Accreditation Regency. Every U.S. lawyer pledges their allegiance to Britain and are under the rule of the Queen of England.

Wait! What?

Yes, you read that correctly.)

Exchanging Debt of Shame with Currency of ForgivenessOur legal/court system literally has the look of a ship and uses shipping words, such as: account, chambers, dock, docket, document, deck, debt, declaration, receipt, draft, entry, bench, bond(s), manifest, jury, jurisdiction, port, payor, payee, etc.

When you go court, you enter the law of water and its commerce.

A court is also where you may play a game.

However, most American’s are not aware that they are nothing more than a product, commodity, or property of the Corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERCIA (all caps).

Don’t believe me? Research your birth certificate and the Federal Reserve.

The Blacks Law Dictionary defines a person as a human being, an entity (such as a corporation) that is recognized by law as having rights and duties of a human being. By the way when you die, your body is referred to as a … “corps.”

Have you ever watched an Old West movie where two men have a gun fight on the main street of town while the Sheriff watches one shoot the other and no one is arrested?

How did that work? Were there no laws?

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Cory Schortzman, Executive Director

Cory Schortzman, Executive Director

Cory Schortzman is an author, speaker, teacher and licensed mental health professional. Since 2008, he has served as the Executive Director of Transformed Hearts Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, CO. He is the founder of SARA, the Sexual Addiction Recovery Association. Cory is passionate about helping couples and individuals overcome sex addiction. He is also passionate about bringing awareness to the public and supporting the elimination of sex and human trafficking. Cory has been married since 1998 to his beautiful wife, Kerry, and lives in Colorado with their four daughters. He and Kerry have been seen on the CBS Early Show, Inside Edition, and ABC Good Morning America, Fox 21 News, and TLC/Discovery discussing the harm of sex addiction and the joys of recovery. He has also been heard on numerous radio programs.

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