If your mind is not spinning from Part I, let’s continue on with Part II.

Before 1868, America was under Common Law or Law of the Land.

Natural Law and the Natural Man or Free Man, a human being, meant each man and woman had their own sovereignty to kill or be killed and act as their own judge if you will.

Sometime after 1868, sovereignty was removed from each human and given to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, as it was incorporated or became a company.  Each human became a person and a part of the corporation, JOHN DOE (all caps) vs. John Doe (small letters).

Any local, state, or federal document or license will always show your name in all CAPS. A company has selected authorized people to act as a single entity to govern over.

Law of the water now rules (or took jurisdiction) over the law of the land.

All of this was done without American citizens knowledge or consent.

Now, let’s look at some words and definitions to better understand our financial system and the topic of this blog.

Commerce believe it or not simply means: social intercourse, an exchange of ideas, goods or services. This is where we get our words like: common</