In a previous blog, we looked at apathy, sympathy, codependency and empathy.

However, the story continues.

Continuing with the illustration of a well, let’s pick up where we the story left off.

The next morning you go back to the well and climb down the ladder bringing food, water, love and first aid.

You listen and tend to your partner’s needs.

Time passes.

This goes on for weeks, months, and now years.

You have gone down and back up the ladder in your empathy.

You are now exhausted.

In desperation, you plead with your partner and ask why they are not using the ladder to come out.

  • Question: At this point of the story, is Person A or Person B in more pain?
  • Answer: Person A, the person going down and up the ladder every day.

Person A asked their loved one, “Why are you not coming out of the D— Well?