We Believe

  • There is ALWAYS hope!
  • Sex addiction is a gift.
  • God will never waste your pain.
  • The men who come to Transformed Hearts are… good men.
  • The women who come to Transformed Hearts are… amazing women.
  • The toughest thing in therapy is not facing your partner or your therapist, it’s facing the person in the mirror and owning your own mistakes.
  • You are loved for who you are NOT for what you do.
  • We provide a shame-free environment. Shaming people will provide immediate short-term results but will create long-term problems. You know your badness better than anyone. This is not the real problem. Your problem is that you don’t believe in your goodness.

We Believe in the 4 Pillars

Wise vs. Foolish

  • Not everything is about right vs. wrong rather wise vs. foolish.
  • What is wise for one couple may be foolish for the next couple we work with.

Happy vs. Holy

  • Marriage is not about making you happy but about making you holy and dying to your selfishness.

Fault vs. Responsibility

  • We are not as concerned with who is at fault.
  • We are interested in who is the mature one in your marriage.

Want vs. Give

  • We are not interested in what you want from your partner.
  • However, we are interested in what you are willing to give, or in some cases, wha