18 Powerful Differences that Make Transformed Hearts Extraordinary

A New Paradigm

Transformed Hearts

  • We are an elite/premier/exclusive counseling center.
  • We specialize in intimacy issues, sex addiction, infidelity, marriage, the offended heart and many other addictions.
  • You can receive faster results in a shorter amount of time which will cost you LESS money.
  • We are an expert, leader and author in the field.
  • We have over 20 years of experience.
  • We lovingly hold the addict responsible.
  • We confront codependency and lovingly empower the partner to make changes and take responsibility.
  • We work for you, NOT your insurance company.
  • You will see long-term change.
  • You will learn about your GOODNESS.
  • You will hire who you want to see.
  • You will have victory over your circumstances.
  • We are a custom “Home Builder”.
  • We have a proven history, structured program and resources that get you results FAST.
  • We work with and support BOTH the addict AND the partner.
  • We encourage full disclosure that is validated by a polygraph.
  • You will learn about who God says you are.
  • You will work with a clinician who has done their own recovery work.

Other Counseling Practices

  • Typically, they are a general/common/ordinary counseling practice.
  • They generalize in all issues.
  • You may experience slower results in a longer amount of time which will cost you MORE money.
  • You will see a generalist.
  • They may have limited experience.
  • They may shame the addict to change.
  • They may enable codependency and allow the partner to remain the victim or not take responsibility to make changes.
  • They work for your insurance company, NOT you.
  • You may experience short-term change.
  • They may remind and shame you about your BADNESS.
  • You may be limited by who your insurance says you can see.
  • You may be a victim of your circumstances.
  • They may be a track “Home Builder”.
  • They may have no history or program.
  • They may focus only on the addict and not support or engage the partner.
  • They may discourage full disclosure or the use of a polygraph.
  • You will listen to who the world says you are.
  • You may be working with a clinician who has done little to no recovery work.