Ashes to Beauty the Workbook

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Ashes to Beauty (The Book & Workbook) is a woman’s journey of hope through the wildfires of intimacy, emotional and sexual anorexia. This resource contains fill-in-the-blank workbook pages as well as additional appendix tools to ignite a deeper intimacy in your relationship.

This was written for women who are intimacy/sexual anorexics or partners of a sexually addicted anorexic. This contains both the book and the fill-in-the blank workbook.

Testimonial | “One of the best books I have read on the subject. (I have read a bunch) What I like is the focus was not on all the dirty details or about you. Very knowledgeable…with practical applications…sprinkled with love, compassion and empathy…but never does wallow in self-pity with you. She gentle kicks you in the bum…to move forward and get out of the pit…When I finished the book, I felt hopeful again.” ~ BV