Into the Light the Workbook

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Into the Light is a man’s recovery workbook from intimacy anorexia. This resource contains fill-in-the-blank workbook pages as well as additional appendix tools to ignite a deeper intimacy in your relationship.

As I heard the prison gates shut behind me, I realized I was only one decision away from being trapped there myself. Though I was simply a public servant in the correction system, I had my own entrapment, my own snare, my own prison, my own lustful mind, heart and soul. After being married for 6 years, I had fallen out of love with my wife, found myself attracted to other women, had multiple emotional affairs and objectified women in every walk of life. Shortly after the birth of our third daughter, I began to share my struggle with my wife. For over 2 months, after the kids were in bed, we would talk, argue and yell at each other until the early morning hours. I would lie and tell half-truths so that she no longer trusted me or knew what was true.

One night, we hit bottom. I did not understand how two lovers could become enemies. My in-laws confronted me the same night. I had so much shame. I was angry, scared and confused. Our final attempt to save our marriage was to attend a 3-day intensive counseling session at Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Amazingly, God’s grace and our new found discovery of the problem, sexual anorexia, gave us hope that transformed our marriage and our life.