Cory and Kerry Schortzman deliver their most powerful and life-changing book yet in Offended Deceived Addicted! We live in an offended culture. Everyone has “rights”. As a culture, we are entitled and have now become unteachable. Men and women of all ages (married, single, or divorced) will learn how allowing themselves to become offended leads to deception which leads to any and all addictions that, ultimately, ends in death. You may not believe you have an addiction or that this book is for you. However, we promise this book is for you as well as for many people you know.

You may not be an alcoholic, drug or sex addict. Maybe you just have an addiction that is more socially acceptable, such as anger, shopping, spending money, overeating, social media, gaming, gossip, or even porn. Throughout this book, you will learn why at the heart of ANY AND ALL ADDICTION… is the ADDICTION TO BEING OFFENDED.

If you thought you knew the Bible, you might want to think again. If you have never read the Bible, you will learn powerful truths that will change your life!  If you thought you have mastered your recovery, you might still have work to do. Bible study, recovery, theology and psychology all blend together in this amazing resource.

Benefits and what you will learn in this resource:

• The birthplace of offense
• Why offense is so deceptive
• What is true forgiveness
• Why God hates gossip
• How to stay free from being offended
• Why there is no such thing as a disobedient believer
• Why obedience is so important
• Practical tools to protect yourself from offended people
• Why no one has the power to set you free from the trap of offense other than you

This groundbreaking book will change you and the lives of your friends, family, church, coworkers and community.