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What is Intimacy Anorexia?

Intimacy Anorexia | 10 Common Character Traits

Intimacy anorexia is the starvation of love from your partner.  It is when a person in a relationship actively withholds emotional, sexual or spiritual intimacy from their partner.

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  • Characteristic #1: Withholding Love

    Intimacy anorexics often actively withhold love from their partner.

  • Characteristic #2 Withholding Praise & Appreciation

    Intimacy anorexics often do not praise their partner on a regular basis.

  • Characteristic #3 Withholding Sex

    Some intimacy anorexics also withhold sex from their partner.

  • Characteristic #4 Controlling with Silence or Anger

    Intimacy anorexics often use silence or anger to control their partner.

  • Characteristic #5 Too Busy for Relational Time

    Intimacy anorexics stay so busy they have little relational time for their partner.

  • Characteristic #6 Ongoing or Ungrounded Criticism

    Intimacy anorexics often have ongoing or ungrounded criticism toward their partner.

    We refer to these as the ABCs: accusation, blame and criticism.  They often go hand-in-hand.

  • Characteristic #7 Unwillingness or Inability to Discuss Feelings

    Intimacy anorexics are often unwilling or unable to share their feelings with their partner.

  • Characteristic #8 Making Problems or Issues about Your Partner

    Intimacy anorexics may shift the blame to their partner on a consistent basis.

  • Characteristic #9 Controlling with Money

    Though this may be the least common characteristic, an intimacy anorexic often will use money to control their partner.

  • Characteristic #10 Withholding Spiritually

    Intimacy anorexics, though they may be religious, can also withhold prayer and reading the Bible together with their partner.