What is Sex Addiction?

What is Sex Addiction? This doesn’t seem like a complicated question, and it is not.  However, when you are dealing with an addict, it can be very difficult to convince them otherwise. Sex addiction is an addiction to sex. Compulsive sexual behaviors can include, but are not limited to, porn, masturbation, and sex outside of marriage.

Sex Addiction can simply be defined as:

  • The inability to stop a sexual behavior.

    (For example, it is controlling you.)

  •  The need for a sexual behavior more often.

    (For example, a need for an increase in frequency.)

  • The need for a sexual behavior to become more risky.

    (For example, a need to increase in the amount of risky behaviors.)

The inability to stop these sexual behaviors can be destructive, and the above might not convince you that you are a sex addict. However, consider if your sexual behaviors have caused you any problems in the following five areas in the past or the present:

  • Have your sexual behaviors affected your HEALTH?

  • Have your sexual behaviors affected your LEGAL STATUS (any arrests or fines)?

  • Have your sexual behaviors affected your MONEY?

  • Have your sexual behaviors affected any of your PERSONAL or PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS?

  • Have your sexual behaviors affected your CAREER?

Most often, clients will agree their sexual behaviors have affected their relationship with a significant other at some level. This is the main reason people come to Transformed Hearts.

Defining sex addiction can also be very complicated and less simplified. Sex Addiction on a Continuum explains this further, as we discuss lust and the condition of the heart.

At our office, we define sobriety from sex addiction as the following:

  • No Sex Outside of Marriage

  • No Pornography

  • No Masturbation

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