Marlene Holsclaw
Marlene HolsclawThe Pearl Exchange Certified Life Coach

Marlene Holsclaw | Certified Life Coach

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“Mom I sure hope you don’t become an angry, bitter old lady,” one of her four children said twenty years ago. Startled, Marlene decided right then and there to make certain she would not allow the present marriage situation, personal issues of her own that were then surfacing, or any other challenging circumstances (which she refers to as ‘rude awakenings’) to shape her into “a bitter old lady.” Marlene finds great joy in sharing what she has learned about getting off the “bitter path” and firmly, intentionally forging a spiritual journey of becoming a vibrant, wiser older woman.

The joy of learning has enabled Marlene to come alongside children and adults. For 11 years, she taught K-6 grade and was a master teacher at UC Davis as well as a management consultant in the Silicon Valley for 20 years, as an independent contractor with People Management S.I.M.A (Systems for Identifying Motivated Abilities) for GE, Philips of the Netherlands, Hewlett Packard and others. She provided assessment and development tools, developing focus around strengths with organizations or individuals, created awareness and solutions for personal issues, unhealthy situations or challenging circumstances.

In addition to her teaching and consulting, Marlene has been an elected school board member, Director of Women’s Ministries, Director and developer of a learning center