Client Testimonials & Reviews of Transformed Hearts Counseling

“This service has been a game-changer for me.  Many blessings to you and Cory.” A. F. (Group Client)

“A couple days ago I was reflecting on how blessed we are to have 4 healthy grandchildren. I thanked God for all the wonderful gifts He has given us and for looking after our family and keeping us safe. I began thinking how different our lives would have been if I continued my path of lies, deceit and addiction. I realized how grateful I am to be free of that lifestyle and to have a loving relationship with my wife, my family and Jesus. Cory, you played a huge role in lifting me up to Jesus. In your advice you were honest, firm and consistent. You were also patient, loving and kind. You are one of the most influential people in my life. God has given you a true gift to help lift men up to Jesus from their addiction, thank you for sharing it with me.” J. H. (Client)

“I don’t know if you remember us but we took intensive therapy with you a little over three years ago. I just wanted to update you. I am here in my room packing up the house for yet another move and stumbled on our workbooks. I forgot them at the top of the closet for all these years. Thumbing through them, I see the pages filled, and I am so thankful to not be in that place anymore. It was the hardest place I had ever been in my life. I remember a lot of the therapy and a lot of the things that happened between us. I guess all the memories were also lost up on a shelf covered in dust. The funny thing is, for the past year it’s been over though. The memories are over. The pain is over. The heartache that was caused is over. Love and trust however has filled the void. Last month was our five year anniversary, and we just had a baby girl six months ago. Our little baby that we brought with us is four years old this Christmas and is rocking pre-K. We are in one of the happiest and closest years we have ever been in. It has taken two years, workbooks, therapy, loving, fighting, patience, apologizing, forgiveness, laughter, friendship and learning that it can’t just be like it used to be. It has taken time to respect that we needed to make ourselves happy first and find ourselves again, before we could come together, because we weren’t the same people anymore. I wanted to thank you for your kindness. Your work with us. We know we have trials a head, storms to navigate. We know we might not always be close as we are now, and might have our tiffs and be apart due to the military. What we learned is that we aren’t battling against each other, but battling our problems with each other. That we both want this marriage. We know how to come together, to let go of the things that don’t matter and focus on what does. We made it.”  (Couple’s Conference Attendees/Clients)” S. & A. S. (Couple’s Conference Attendees/Clients)

“I have learned so much about my self through you and your materials. I will keep on working the program because I want this IA out of my life.. Thank you Cory, this stuff really works…” C. P. (Client)

“Keep me connected, I am learning so much from reading your postings. I’m 74 years old and married for 54 years and I’m learning so much from what you share. Just in time to pass on to my children more knowledge and understanding from the body of Christ.” D. T. (Mailing List Member)

“Our initial intensive was a marriage saver, and life changer! Being part of a group for an extended period provides a real opportunity for growth, recovery, and support.” H. H. (Intensive Client)

“My wife and I are satisfied with the service provided. The communication and response to questions were handled in a timely and effective manner. This service has provided some reassurances for the trust within our marriage. We will utilize this as a stepping stone to build a stronger connection in our relationship.” S. L. (Client)

“To date, my marriage is still getting stronger with the help of Cory and the telephone therapy. He helps to guide me to a new direction i never thought was possible in the past.” ~ I. M. (Group Client)

“Sexual addiction is an insidious sin.  It is however, only a horrible symptom of a deeper problem.  Sexual addiction is a disgusting way to act out or deal with the heart issue that is causing the real problem.  While it is very important to stop the acting out, without changing the heart, staying clean and sober will be very difficult.  Being able to stay sober by not acting out is only part of real recovery.

I believe there are 2 major issues that are most important to my recovery and sobriety.

  1. HEART CHANGE:  Sexual addiction is driven by lust, resentment, and anger which are all problems of the heart.  My heart was deceitful, selfish, self centered. Until I was able to understand this and recognize, pray, and ask for forgiveness, my attempts at recovery only lasted for a period of time.  Once I faced the reality of my wicked heart and learned how to change my behavior, my recovery became genuine and real.  Through counseling, reading, attending sexual addiction groups, I was able to make changes in my heart and my behavior changed.  Over a period of time (several years), I was able to stop acting out and God removed much of the lust and resentment.  I am still working on the anger and am making progress.  The issues of lust and resentment will never  be totally removed (due to my sinful nature and the world we live in), but I know how to defeat the temptations they represent.  God giving me victory over the heart issues of lust, resentment and anger allowed me to maintain sobriety and not act out.
  2. RELATIONSHIPS:  Without good, solid, consistent relationships, my recovery is weak.  God created us to be in relationship-first with Him, then other people.  Growing up and into adulthood, my training on how to build relationships was very poor and weak.  I knew nothing about how to relate to others, let alone God.  I was just superficial and tolerated many relationships.  Many relationships never got off the ground.  But again, with counseling, reading, and attending group meetings, my heart has opened up to understand I need other people to help with my recovery.  They keep me accou