Professional Testimonials & Reviews
of Transformed Hearts Counseling Center

Dr. Chuck Stecker
Dr. Chuck SteckerFounder & President, A Chosen Generation

“Cory Schortzman is an extraordinary person who helps others tackle their greatest issues and come out victorious and positioned to lead the type of life they were created to live. He is poised to become one of the leaders in helping others achieve significant change and true transformation in their lives. He is an author, counselor, mentor, coach, teacher and leader. Cory is a significant force who is making a difference in the lives of others.”

(April 1, 2012)

Wes Wilson, MA, LMFT
Wes Wilson, MA, LMFTDirector, Springs Counseling Center

“I first saw Cory on a television documentary. What a story this guy has! I had to get to know him. After several years of collaboration and fellowship with him and his family, I found out Cory is the real deal. His books and materials work. He has a vision for liberating men and women through their waking up to their real selves and developing a true discipline for fulfillment and liberty. He’s so kind and funny but don’t let his mannerisms fool you. Cory’s inner drive and motivation to liberate men and women from dark bondage is intense and determined. Cory’s kind of work changes people for good.”

(January 2, 2012)