WorshipThrough the course of many years, I have found it a pleasurable challenge to trust His (God’s) heart. I remember one evening rather vividly, as I was trying to sleep, the Lord prompted me to get up to wrestle with my thoughts of trusting Him with my circumstances.

Lying in bed, I was thinking about how Moses must have felt as he was standing between the great vastness of the Red Sea and the vastness of Pharaoh’s army quickly approaching. What must it have felt like for someone who was at one time so close and so dear to him – to watch his loved one come charging towards him and his people, desiring to seek, kill and destroy? How often do we feel like Moses, watching the enemy coming at full force, an enemy whom we may have loved dearly, one who seeks to devour – and yet, we look ahead and see nothing but a vast sea in which we cannot cross to safety. A few things occurred to me as I was pondering on this.

First, Moses was completely helpless in this situation. Things looked rather bleak and not much hope was to be found. I believe God had built a deep relationship with Moses so that he would be familiar enough with God to know and hear His voice amidst all the cries of desperation and fear from the Israelites. Can you imagine? These folks are terrified and wondering why God freed them from the hand of Pharaoh and then to be led to slaughter. They had made it so far. They even questioned Moses and his leadership, and asked, “Did you lead us out here to die?”

Second, after Moses had heard God speak, he was required to do something. He had to take action. He had to take his staff and place it in the Red Sea firmly rooted into the sand (or he stretched out his hand.) He had to depend on God and firmly plant himself in obedience. But the point is that he was required to act – to participate in God’s ultimate plan. God wasn’t going to save anyone without Moses’ actions. He needed someone willing to obey.

I love the verse Exodus 14:14 “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Only be still? Only be still when the enemy is fast approaching? Well, God means it. I guess when you are helpless being still becomes a very valid option.

Then, an amazing thing happened. Not only did God bring forth a cloud of darkness to protect them, He then parted the Red Sea before their very eyes. Did you get that part? God did a miraculous wonder and parted the Red Sea. Where there was no escape, He paved a way with a simple act of obedience by Moses. Can you imagine what the faces of the Israelites looked like? I would have loved to see this miracle. I just wish I could’ve been there. The smell of the sea and watching the sea animals swim by as I walked through on dry ground. Who wouldn’t be bragging about their God? Look what He just did!

After thinking through some of this, I felt the Lord reminding me of a song I sang in an Easter or Christmas cantata entitled, Trust His Heart. Here are the words of the song.

All things work for our good
though sometimes we don’t see how they could.
Struggles that break our hearts in two
sometimes blind us to the truth.

Our Father knows what best for us
His ways are not our own.
So when your pathway grows dim
and you just can’t see Him
remember your never alone.

God is to wise to be mistaken
God is to good to be unkind.
So when you don’t understand
when you can’t see His plan
when you can’t trace His hand, trust His heart

He alone is faithful and true
He alone knows what is best for you.

He sees the master plan
He holds the future in His hands
So don’t live as those who have no hope
for our hope is found in Him.

We see the presently clearly
but He sees the first and the last
and like a tapestry He’s weaving you and me
to someday be just like Him.

Does this apply to you? Does this apply to me? Oh my, yes! Yes, indeed. Here is what I’ve learned in the wee hours of the morning no less.

My husband and I have felt like we were standing in a similar position to Moses, between the vast Red Sea that we cannot cross to reach the Promised Land and watching the enemy charging toward us ready to seek, kill and destroy. It poses a very poignant question for each of us to consider – what do you do next? Is your first thought to be still and allow God to fight on your behalf? I know I have thought of picking up my sword and doing my best to protect myself and my family. And in our situation, that is exactly what I had done. Unfortunately, I only made matters worse instead of better.

We have been helpless in our situations. Things look bleak. However, I feel over the past 30+ years, God and I have had a fairly deep, intimate relationship in which I can hear a still, small voice speak. Those of you who don’t believe God speaks – bear with me. I believe He does! I believe He can direct our thoughts to hear Him speak to our soul. Not an audible tone but a stirring in our hearts.

I have been terrified, just like the Israelites. God, did you bring us out here to fail? Did you bring us this far only to have our enemies destroy us and our families? We have been questioned about our leadership for our family too.

Many of you, my readers, have also questioned whether or not something is God’s will in your life. Many of you doubt in your mind this is the “right” thing to do. But when you feel called by God, do you really have a choice? God’s calling on your life does not stop because you say no. In fact, God gets louder if you chose to be disobedient and not go where He has called you. Is anyone on the same page as me?

I sincerely feel deep in my soul that we must act in obedience. Moses was required to do something to play a part in God’s display of His glory. I want to be used by God, don’t you? I want to take in His glory too, wouldn’t you? I want to be in the middle of His God-show when it starts, who wouldn’t? I want to be a participant, a leader, someone whom God trusts with His ultimate plan. But I also need to be secure enough in my relationship with God that when He tells me to be still and allow Him to do the fighting that I allow Him to do just that. He will be my advocate. He will fight for me.

I am continuously amazed at His God-show. I want to allow Him to let His glory fall among us. I want to watch as the whales and the fish sail past me in the glimmer of the sea. And boy, do I want to watch as God not only gets me across to the other side, but as He then ensures my safety in the greatness of His majesty, as He throws down those who opposed us, and as He unleashes His burning anger and consumes the enemy like stubble. And all God does is blow His breath and stretch out His arm to accomplish this.

Nothing is impossible with God, and so I will continue to ask that the Lord will provide a way for us out of our impossible situations, for Him to prepare a way for us so that we can begin what we feel He has called us to do – for our lives to have purpose and meaning, as we share what He has taught us. I have such a burning passion to allow God to use our family and our pain as a tool to reach out to others, to share His love, grace and mercy, to help save marriages and save children from being raised in an environment other than God’s original plan.

If this is not our purpose, what is? The words of the song state it beautifully – God is too wise to be mistaken. God is too good to be unkind. No, I don’t understand, and I can’t see His plan or trace His hand, but I can Trust His Heart! Will you?

Kerry Schortzman, Director of Operations

Kerry Schortzman, Director of Operations

Kerry Schortzman is the Director of Operations at Transformed Hearts Counseling Center as well as an author and speaker. She has traveled the road of recovery alongside her husband through the wildfires of intimacy anorexia. She has a heart and passion to see healing and restoration in relationships and marriages as well as to bring public awareness to eliminate sex and human trafficking. Kerry has been married since 1998 and lives in Colorado with her husband and four daughters. She and Cory have been seen on the CBS Early Show, Inside Edition, and ABC Good Morning America, Fox 21 News, and TLC/Discovery discussing the harm of sex addiction and the joys of recovery.

Cory’s books include: Out of the Darkness, Into the Light the Workbook, Into the Light the Steps, Ashes to Beauty the Steps, 301 Dating Ideas, 301 Conversational Ideas, 301 Ways to Say I Love You, 301 Ways to Love Your Children & 301 Recovery Tools & Tips.

Kerry’s books include: Ashes to Beauty the Book and Ashes to Beauty the Workbook

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